What SWCD Does

Since 1949, the Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District has been working to offer assistance to residents that help to preserve and protect the natural resources of Paulding County.

Funding is provided by the Paulding County Commissioners, which is then matched by the State of Ohio through the Ohio Department of Agriculture Division of Soil & Water Conservation. Funds provided help us to continue our services to the residents of Paulding County.

Promoting conservation of our lands and waters is the purpose and foundation of the Paulding SWCD. Our office works with landowners, operators, and public officials who are looking for us to help them manage and protect land and water resources on both public and private lands in Paulding County. 

The Paulding SWCD is one of nearly 3,000 conservation districts across the United States who are working to address the needs of their citizens.

Paulding SWCD is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors who are Paulding County landowners that are elected at our Annual Meeting in September.

They serve in a voluntary capacity and help lead local conservation decisions to best manage the resources of our county. The Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio.

Operations are funded from annual appropriations of the Paulding County Board of Commissioners, which are then matched nearly dollar for dollar by the State of Ohio.

Throughout this website, you will find a highlight of projects and programs that highlight the technical, education, ditch maintenance, and nutrient management services provided by the Paulding SWCD.

Together, we strive to provide the information and tools the residents of Paulding County can utilize to be good stewards of the land. With this in mind, we can work together to promote conservation of the land and water to improve the quality of life for the people of Paulding County.

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