Ohio Working Land Small Grains Cost Share Program

Ohio Working Lands Small Grain Program

The Ohio Working Lands Small Grains Program is a voluntary program that will encourage producers in the Western Lake Erie Basin to plant small grains such as wheat, barley, oats, or cereal rye on eligible cropland. As the “working lands” name implies, participants must plant and harvest small grains, land apply manure, and plant a cover crop to receive a cost-share payment to help offset operating costs. The program benefits the planting of small grains not only for the conservation benefits, but to provide livestock producers with a longer application window to land apply manure and nutrients.

The Ohio Working Lands Small Grains Program will fall under the umbrella of the Ohio Working Lands Program. Local soil and water conservation districts (SWCDs) will manage the program sign-up, verification of eligibility, and crop establishment. Soil tests and records of manure analysis and application will be required to be submitted to the SWCD as well.

Enrollment for this program is currently closed.

Ohio Working Lands Small Grains Program flyer

Program Resources 

For more information please contact the Paulding Soil and Water Conservation District

 Phone: 419-399-4771

 Email: Patrick Troyer or Tayler Coy

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