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Pauling County Homeowner's Guide First Edition flyer

Paulding County Homeowner Guide

Paulding County is truly a place where memories are made and just about everyone is known on a first name basis.

We are a county that is primarily rural and has an economy dependent on agriculture whether it be cash crops,community gardens, or livestock operations. As people move from towns to the country,there seems to be a difference in opinion between the homeowner and the farmer who cares for the land.

It takes both parties working together to inform each other of ways of living and also helping one another out when needed.

Becoming a homeowner is a big step to take in life and there is a lot that goes into building a home and preparing the site in the right manner or even knowing about your home before you make a purchase if a structure is already there.

There is so much to know such as soils, sewage, water supply, erosion, floodplains, basement construction, and it is hard to know where to find the resources to build or maintain your home.

This guide serves to ease that transition into homeownership and provide the local (city,county & township) resources that will answer all your questions as well as to know what to expect when it comes to living in the country.

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