H2Ohio Program Applications Closed

The H2Ohio program is Governor Mike DeWine’s initiative to ensure safe and clean water for all Ohioans. It is a comprehensive, data-driven approach to improving water quality over the long term. H2Ohio was created using strategies that are long-term, sustainable, cost-effective and permanent. The Governor, his team, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Lake Erie Commission and many interested parties, including the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative (OACI), and Soil and Water Conservation Districts have worked together to invest in projects across Ohio that will reduce nutrients and provide long-term economic and water quality benefits to communities statewide.

H2Ohio focuses specifically on reducing phosphorus runoff, creating wetlands, addressing failing septic systems and preventing lead contamination by financially incentivizing farming Best Management Practices (BMP). You must complete an application for this program and meet certain farming management practice criteria for successful completion of this program.

The application window for this program is currently closed. It was determined recently that the funding for this program is to be for the crop year 2021 with additional funding possible for in 2022 and 2023.

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