H2Ohio Enrollment Resources

H2Ohio Enrollment Information

All producers who choose to participate in new H2Ohio rollout must have a valid email address, and speak with a soil and water conservation district about getting registered in MyFarms. MyFarms is a new platform that allows district employees and producers to work together in a more efficient way compared to previous years. This platform allows producers to load in field maps, crop rotations, acres, fertilizer placement, and H2Ohio contract data. This process can also be done by the districts working with ag retailers that have this information and have the producers consent to share it with the local SWCD. Also on MyFarms, you are able to access information about grant payments per acre and see the total amount to be paid based on practices input.

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Submitting Paperwork

How To Turn In Your Paperwork

  • Email: Brooke.Siefker@PauldingSWCD.org 
  • Visit: 451C McDonald Pike, Paulding, OH 45879
  • Dropbox: There is a locked drop box located outside the West entrance of our office building (located outside of the East door of the McDonald Pike Office building) that you can submit missing information.
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