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Current Education Programming Booklet

Paulding SWCD offers the opportunity for our educator to come into your classroom and teach one or more of the programs offered in our booklet. Programs are varied and a great opportunity to supplement what you are teaching. All programs have some sort of hands on activity and are a great way for your class to experience hands on learning. Programs are free.

Featured Programs


Thanks to a grant from Ohio EPA, students will get to see first-hand how everyone plays their individual part in the health of our waterways through the Non-Point Source Enviroscape Model.

Different pollutants such as manure, soil, fertilizer, pesticides, motor oil, and many more are introduced to the environment.

Students see how this pollution spreads when a big rainstorm comes and pollutes the rivers and streams to become runoff.

(STEM Program)

We all enjoy fresh, clean water, not only for nourishment, but for recreation and many other uses in our daily lives. This program and the demonstration that follows will help to serve as a reminder to all of us of the simple things that we can do to help keep our waterways clean.

Students will start out with a small baggie with a “clean lake” which will not stay clean for long. Over the program, we will see grass clippings, fertilizer, pet wastes, and soap/car chemicals make their way to the lake, but we are not done!

Also affecting the water quality of our lake will be sunshine and wind which mix up all the pollutants. How is the water quality now? Students will be able to take their “lake” home and wear it as a necklace with some reminders on how to keep our waterways clean.


In this program, students will view the Wetlands Enviroscape Model where they will visualize the functions of wetlands and the benefits they provide to the environment.

The Wetlands Enviroscape Model demonstrates the human activities which may negatively affect wetlands and allow students to experiment with methods that can help conserve and protect them.

Also, the Wetlands Enviroscape demonstrates the water absorption and water holding capacity of wetlands, all students to visually experience the improvement in water quality, experiment with the impact of wetlands or the lack of wetlands upon flooding and erosion, understand the function of constructed wetlands.

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