Black Swamp Nature Center Pollinator Garden

The Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District, with the endorsement of the Paulding County Commissioners, have installed a pollinator garden of native grasses and flowers at the Black Swamp Nature Center and the County Children’s Home for the benefit of local wildlife, the enjoyment of Paulding County residents, in addition to, providing learning opportunities for local students. Special thanks to Pond Seed Company and the Paulding County Area Foundation, for helping to make this pollinator garden a reality.

As an agency whose mission it is to preserve and protect the natural resources of Paulding County, this project helps us to realize our mission. This project also helps to cut down on expenses associated with mowing in addition to providing an educational opportunity for the public and for local students for them to increase their understanding and appreciation for our valuable natural resources.

Through the implementation of this project, the Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District hopes to do our part to combat the problems facing the pollinators we heavily rely upon.

Pollinators, just like any animal, are on the search for several things from their environment to aid in their well-being. These organisms are on the search for food, shelter, space, and host plants (primarily to lay their eggs) on a year-round basis.

This includes plant species selected to meet these needs of the pollinators with a variety of plant species that have different flower colors, shapes, and smells.


The variety of plant species that are being offered as part of this planting will attract and provide habitat for a variety of pollinators.

Each pollinator has their own preference to flower color, shapes, and smells.

Species selected will also provide a source of food for the pollinators all throughout the growing season with some flowers blooming at various times of the season.


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