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Products for Sale
Marking Flags (Effective 7-10-19):              
Bundle of 100 for $15.00
Individual: $0.15 per flag
Paulding County Platbooks:              
$7 per copy

Equipment for Rent at Paulding SWCD
John Deere 15’ No-Till Drill   Rents for $10.00/acre
            24 Row, 7.5 inch spacing
            Requires: 75-100 HP tractor, hydraulic outlets        
        Acre meter for accurate billing
“Rental Equipment Agreement” form must be filled out before using the equipment.
After an agreement form is completed, the individual may pick-up the rental equipment at our maintenance shop, or chose to have equipment deliver/pickup for an additional charge of $50.00 per way.
All Rental Equipment has a $50.00 minimum usage charge.
Use of our equipment can be scheduled by our District Administrator. We encourage you to contact us in advance, so we can schedule appropriately due to delays from the busy farm season. If you run into problems with the equipment please let us know as soon as possible.

SWCD Program(s)


Conservation Planning

Nutrient Management Planning

GIS Mapping

Conservation Program Funding
Grassed Waterway Design
Tile Drainage System
Livestock/Animal Waste Storage Facility Design
Erosion Control Structures
Cover Crop
No Till and Reduced Tillage

Drainage Issues (etc. ditches)

Wetland Design

.........and many more!


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